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Circus & Theater 
40 minutes
All public


Petit is a show which purpose is make people find their self. It contains a little world full of dreams, carpets and trunks; and this world throughout the show is opening windows and throwing a ball, with the purpose to tell us: “It is time to be children!”, “It is time for play!”. 

Petit invokes subjective language and gestures, making us remember the value of simplicity. Petit suggest a dream and sensitive language, as a source of gestures, grimaces and sounds.  It uses a language that attempts to be gesture, action and transformation. Just as a tickle evoking laughter and crying. 


Petit is a show, a show that is a life, a life that even being simple and small, it changes, flees and transforms.

Artistic Team

Concept and Direction: Claudio Martinez
Music:  Nicolás Garvan
Costume: Nora Rípodas

Graphic Desing: Cristobal Miranda

Photograph: Elias Dabdub


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