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Circus & Objets theater  

All Public (From 4 years old)

Non Verbal

"FATIGA, la mémoire des objets"


Is a circus and object theater show in which the audience is invited to immerse themselves in a world with more than six thousand tea bags, a chariot full of surprises and laughter as an accomplice in the relationship established with the audience.

The character, in his solitude, presents his life in this itinerant house, where nothing is what it seems. 

Artistic Team

Concept and Direction: Claudio Martinez 

Artistic accompaniment: Esacto Lido FOCON

Scenic research: Julien Mandier
Costume: Ana Marani 

Scenography: Betty Cau

Graphic Design: Ayelén Tejedor 

Photograph: Elias Dabdub

Video: Lighuen Desanto

Production: By CiaFrutillasConCrema


For information about bookings,

tours and more.

+33 7 8343 5516

Claudio Martinez Riveros

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