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I always wonder how old am I, 

¿How old are my memories?


I have a little secret that I would like to tell you.

I have a beautiful treasure, and it has nothing to do with jewelry. 

My treasure is a memory. A memory from my childhood. 

And from all of my memories, this is the only one,

that I don’t want to forget. 


Would you let me share my treasure with you ? 

Come, take seat,  I am making tea.

Circus & Objets theater  

All Public (From 4 years old)

Non Verbal

Artistic Team

Concept and Direction: Claudio Martinez 

Artistic accompaniment: Esacto Lido FOCON

Scenic research: Julien Mandier
Costume: Ana Marani 

Scenography: Betty Cau

Graphic Design: Ayelén Tejedor 

Photograph: Elias Dabdub

Video: Lighuen Desanto

Production: By CiaFrutillasConCrema


For information about bookings,

tours and more.

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